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Protecting Your Business and Wealth with Strategic, Innovative, and Creative Solutions

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"Ron and his team are great! Super responsive and thorough with everything they’ve done. Thank you very much, I highly recommend!"


"Extremely knowledgeable and honest insurance consultants. Strive to get the client the best solution and be extremely professional."


"Ron was very professional and got the job done in less than 24 hours. Highly recommended."


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SIC is a risk management firm providing customized solutions for businesses and individuals. 
We take a high-touch, high-value approach, working closely with our clients to understand their specific risks and needs.

We work in coordination with other advisors, such as CPAs, attorneys, financial planners, and asset managers, to provide a comprehensive approach to risk management.

This may include a review of personal and family planning and estates to ensure that the overall picture of risk and financial health is coordinated.

The company's experienced team is dedicated to helping clients protect their business, health and wealth.
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