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About Us

Strategic Insurance Consultants is the combined vision of four principals with four decades of business, entrepreneurial, and wealth management experience in the insurance, financial, marketing and accounting areas.


What we all have in common is an interest in understanding our clients needs and advising them on solutions that they would be comfortable incorporating into their personal and business plans. Depending upon the situation, the proposed solutions may use insurance, financial, and trust products.


We know that these decisions for our clients are sometimes complex and difficult to act upon. We are patient and mindful of the need to ensure that our clients and their trusted advisors, family and business members comprehend the approach to satisfy the clients' goals and objectives.

Our team is also available any time to help you navigate through your options. When dealing with your wealth and your business,  the creation, implementation and then tracking of plans can seem overwhelming. One way to make sure you’re learning about all your options is to seek a second opinion from another professional. More people should do this, and most professionals should get comfortable with it when putting their clients’ best interests first.

Our Team

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