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Analyzing an Investment Manager’s Proposal

Are you considering having an investment manager oversee your portfolio? Typically a fee is charged as a percent of your account balance and allow you to cancel any time. Though often there can be other arrangements. The more complicated the fee structure, the more it should raise your antennae to make sure that you understand all the nuances. You may need an independent financial planner to help you navigate and opine on whether this management agreement is beneficial to you. Investment managers are very savvy and can propose a mix across a large number of asset classes that can leave your head spinning. Also find out whether the investment that the manager will make will be directly in individual securities or will they be in other funds. Be aware that funds also charge fees that you will not see directly but will be deducted in determine your net return on those funds. And funds can in turn have investments in other funds. Please look at the article below for further discussion of what to be aware of.


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