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Scams that Target On-line Users

Beware Beware Beware. With our proliferation of on-line activity, we are sitting targets for cybercriminals. Many legitimate companies and government authorities will contact you by post office mail if there are any problem with your account. If you receive a phone call, be mindful that the person on the other end should not be asking you personal security information over the phone. To be safe that you are not being scammed by a fake company representative, hang up and call back the phone number you have for that company account. If you receive an e-mail, closely look at the url or the address that follows www to make sure that it is legitimate and does not say anything different before the name of the company you are expecting. If there are other words used, then do not open up any links in the email, as it may continue viruses that can affect your computer. And of course subscribe to virus protection software for your computer. Nothing is perfect, but do not ignore the basics of how you should protect yourself. Be smart and be skeptical. I wish it were easier, but it is not anymore.


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