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Who's Responsible for Financial Matters?

Are you responsible for financial matters in your household? Have you organized and educated your spouse, significant other or another family member on what to do when you are gone? If you are not the key financial person, do you know what to do when the other person is gone? This may be hard to do, but very relevant (whenever that time comes) to ease the burden of the survivor.

Leslie Milk, lifestyle editor for the Washingtonian magazine wrote about her story in the AARP Bulletin. Important steps (link at end of article) to get your affairs in order are: 1. Gather financial papers 2. Make a "must call" list 3. Share passwords 4. Update beneficiaries 5. Check credit cards 6. Set up advance directives 7. Designate a money person 8. Review wills and trusts 9. Discuss funeral plans 10. Learn how bills are paid


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