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SickPay Plus
Underwritten by Combined Insurance, A Chubb Company

Take Care Of You

Protect your income in the event you get sick or have an accident.
With SickPay Plus brought to you by Combined Insurance, a Chubb Company.

Protect your income in the event you get sick or have an accident.

Receive monthly benefits paid directly to you and spend it however you like. There are three monthly benefit choices, that cover a wide range of illnesses and injuries. This plan is offered in 48 states, excluding Alaska and Washington.

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"When I broke my leg, I missed 3 months of work - I would have struggled to pay my bills and keep up with my mortgage - but with my Chubb's SickPay Plus Protection, I can concentrate on getting better."

Budget Friendly Premium

Apply in Minutes
Instant Protection

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"Being a single mother I rely on my income and SickPay Plus has taken away the worry for me. I am able to support my family and make sure the bills are paid. That is worth everything to me."

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"I am a small business owner and don’t have access to disability coverage, Chubb SickPay Plus has made that possible for me. Not only is this a great product, signing up was super easy - I was done in less than 5 minutes and Chubb emailed me the policy the next day."

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"Affordable and easy, this product is built for anyone. I work for an employer who does not offer these types of benefits, but I now have access due to a product like SickPay Plus. Processing a claim for my illness was a breeze."

Thousand of folks like you are choosing to safeguard their future with SickPay Plus

Up to $1,500 / Month

No Medical Exam Required

Up to 6 Months Coverage

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Program Highlights




Like sprains, strains, flu, asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis and pneumonia.

More Serious Conditions


Anything that requires hospitalization, surgery, a C-section or results in a fracture. 

Major Illnesses & Injuries


Heart attacks, cancer, strokes, paralyses, hip fractures and more.

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This is a supplement to health insurance and is not a substitute for Major Medical Coverage.
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